Copperbelt Journalists urged to utilise ICT

MEDIA practitioners on the Copperbelt should make full use of the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) to enhance their writing and researching skills, says University of Zambia (UNZA) information researcher Elastus Mambwe.

Mr Mambwe said ICT played a pivotal role in the profession of the journalists because it enabled them to understand a wider range of different subjects in the environment they operated from and beyond.

He said if properly used, ICT could improve the career of scribes because they would be more informed while their audience would benefit due to writing of credible stories.

Mr Mambwe said the journalists should take an interest in making sure that they reported about the importance of ICT to the economy of the nation.

He said journalists both from the private and public media should work together in enhancing the ICT by reporting effectively on the subject.

Mr Mambwe said the journalists should also take a further step by encouraging their colleagues who were working for community media organisations to know how to use ICT.

He said ICT was the driver of the media industry in Zambia because it had made the working life of journalists easy whenever they were searching on the internet.

Mr Mambwe said ICT was noble because it was applicable in any sector of the economy.

“The journalists are the agents of change and there is need for them to report more about ICT for the citizens especially those in rural areas  to be part  of the global village,” Mr Mambwe said.