Petitioner in Msanzala election offends Nyau dancers


LOSING Msanzala independent candidate Margret Zulu faces Gawa Undi’s wrath for putting the Nyau dancers into disrepute through her petition on the election of Peter Daka as Member of Parliament.

Ms. Zulu had petitioned the election of Peter Daka as duly elected Member of Parliament on, among other grounds, that he was involved in electoral malpractice in the build-up to this year’s election by “buying off” the Nyau dancers to prevent them from performing at her rally which was held in Nyakawise ward on 9th August, 2016, thereby discouraging the electorate from attending the event.

She submitted that Mr. Daka allegedly threatened to shoot the Nyau dancers which she had contracted to perform at the rally after paying them double the amount she had paid and transported them out of the area.

But the Lumbwe (head of the Nyau) Daniel Miti has reacted angrily to Ms. Zulu’s the accusation and threatened to report her to Gawa Undi because she was being disrespectful to the Nyau and the Chewa tradition, saying there was no way she would drag them into her political battles because they were not politicians.

Mr. Miti said Ms. Zulu’s unwarranted behaviour and attacks on the Nyau was a direct attack on the Chewa tradition and therefore, should face the wrath of the Gawa Undi so that she exculpated herself for ridiculing her own tradition.

He said the Nyaus refused to testify in Ms. Zulu’s petition against Mr. Daka because they were a respected traditional entity that was not obliged to be paraded as witnesses over frivolous political battles the petitioner had dragged them.

“Who can buy a Nyau? Where does she get the audacity to drag us into her battles? We are a respected traditional symbol that is held in high esteem by the people of Eastern Province and for her to allege that we were bought is an insult to our integrity and tradition. Ms. Zulu should know very well the gravity of the offence she has committed. She should be ready to meet us and defend her behaviour because we will not take it kindly on her.

“No one insults the Nyau, more so a woman because women are not supposed to talk about us. We will file a formal complaint to the Gawa Undi over her conduct because she deliberately aimed at ridiculing us. If she had a problem with Mr. Daka, she should have limited her fight to him and not including us in her battles. We have never been ridiculed but we want to promise her that this issue has not ended even if the matter has been concluded by the court,” Mr. Miti said.On Tuesday, Ndola High Court judge Charles Chanda dismissed Ms. Zulu’s petition on grounds that the petition was void  initio because it was presented under the repealed law and therefore, could not have any effect on the petition.Judge Chanda said the amendment was made in the erroneous belief that the initial petition was merely irregular and not void and yet the petition was void ab initial for having been presented under the repealed law whose provisions had no legal effect and therefore, could not give birth to any valid, styled, amended petition.