Saudi Arabia loans UTH US$20 million


SAUDI Arabia has given the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) US$20 million loan with interest of 2 percent for rehabilitation and construction of a new ward for burns treatment.

In an interview, Zambian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Abraham Mumba disclosed that Saudi Arabia was committed to improving the health sector in Zambia and that they had given the country a loan of US$20 million for UTH.

Mr Mumba bemoaned the dilapidated state of the biggest hospital in the country and emphasised the need to source for more funds to refurbish the hospital.

He said that works had commenced but that he was disappointed with the rate at which they were being implemented.Mr Mumba advised UTH management to ensure that works were completed quickly so that they could procure another loan to build a female ward.“Saudi Arabia has given us a loan of US$20 million with 2 percent interest because they are committed to see to it that the health sector was improved in our country. The money is specifically for rehabilitation purposes around the hospital particularly the ventilation system and will also be used to build a ward for treating burns. Works have commenced but I’m not happy with the rate at which the works are being carried out,” he said.Mr Mumba said that the Saudi government was ready to give UTH some more money if they gave them a tangible report on how works were progressing.He said that it was ready to build the  800-bed hospital costing US$100 million in Lusaka but warned that the funders would not release the money if they found out that works were shoddy.