Mulongoti defends ‘rolling stone’ Sampa


By Nation Reporter

MILES Sampa should not be condemned for migrating from one political party to the other because he is exercising his democratic right, says People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti.

But the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) said Mr Sampa’s political U-turns were a sign of political immaturity and he should retire from active politics.

“When one is exercising his or her democratic rights by changing political parties, you cannot stop them. Let Sampa move and see where he could be happy and he is even likely to make more changes in future,’’ Mr Mulongoti said.

He explained that Mr Sampa should not be condemned for having reversed his decisions by wanting to rejoin the PF because in politics people had different purposes of joining other political parties and in that case it was only him (Sampa) who knew why he was making his political U-turns.

Mr Mulongoti added that politicians by nature were nomadic in their thoughts and environment, adding that even in PF there were a lot of people who had moved from one political party to the other.

He said Mr Sampa had shown remorse, so he deserved to be forgiven and that he was doing what everyone else had done

But YALI Governance advisor Isaac Mwanza has described Mr Sampa’s political U-turns as

Mr Mwanza said from the time Mr Sampa became Matero Member of Parliament, youths were excited that they had young leaders in Government who would inspire the young ones through leadership but only to be disappointed with Mr Sampa’s
U-turns in his political career.

He said the signs of political immaturity Mr Sampa had been exhibiting since he was under the Government of the late President Michael Sata were now getting out of hand. “I understand he is exercising his democratic rights but he should not do that in an immature manner by moving from one party to the other because that does not inspire confidence among the young people,’’ Mr Mwanza has said.

He said the way Mr Sampa had been jumping from one party to the other was a clear sign that he was just riding on the back of the late president Sata who was his uncle. “Leadership should not be about who you are well connected to but for you to be there you must have something to offer to the people you wish to serve,’’ Mr Mwanza said.