‘Opposition in Zambia unproductive’


By Nation Reporter

FORMER mayor of Chingola MacDonald Mulongoti has called for a strong opposition in Zambia because the current one is ineffective.

Mr Mulongoti said Zambia needed strong opposition political parties to defend the country’s democratic and economic values.

He said what was needed in Zambia was for opposition political parties to criticise Government in a positive way for the ruling party to work effectively.

He said that political parties should not just exist on paper but have clear ideologies anchored on realities.

The former mayor told the Daily Nation that the reason why the opposition political parties existed elsewhere in the world was to provide checks and balances to the party in power.

Mr Mulongoti said that the tragedy with current crop of political parties was their sole interest to be in State House.

He said it was worrying that most of the independent parliamentary candidates were now aligning themselves to the PF during the campaign trail instead of standing on their own.

“We have also seen an insincere political route taken by some opposition leaders with weak bearings as they have already traded their political consciousness in an egocentric manner by betraying the trust of their followers whom they don’t even consult on the decisions they intend to take, thereby attracting a backlash,” Mr Mulongoti said.

Mr Mulongoti said the opposition political parties should be guided by leaders who were principled with ideas to benefit the electorate.

He said the role of opposition political parties was not to make careless statements or character assassination using the media as platform to disseminate their propaganda.

Mr Mulongoti said a strong opposition that opposed the ruling party in the right way was needed for Zambia to develop because the ruling party would be forced to work hard to deliver to peoples’expectation