HH, GBM good working pair



It is possible for the enemies of UPND to incite the leaders within UPND to hate HH. At the moment, UPND should continue putting HH in the forefront so that he becomes president in 2021. I think HH should be careful about the people whom he entrusts money with (during campaigns). Many UPND campaigners deceived HH that they were campaigning in rural areas, yet they booked lodges within Lusaka and spent all the money on pleasure. Be careful next time. GBM is an experienced politician and has influence in UPND. He is a good campaigner. UPND should give GBM enough room to work with HH. Enemies of UPND want to see confusion and embarrassment among UPND top leaders. I think UPND should start recruiting more members and find means to boost the morale of youths across the country.

Elijah Sandu





Mwaliteta is suffering due to UPND’s greed


What and whose freedom is HH purporting to fight for? As learned as he claims to be, he should understand and know better that aggravated robbery is not a political nor electoral offence but rather a criminal (felony) offence! Mwaliteta and others are suffering because of HH’s insatiable greed and desire to get to plot one at all costs, with utter disregard for the consequences on the people who carried out his instructions without reasoning! Let the due process of the law take its course. Otherwise, his worship HH is treading on contempt charges!

Francis Simushi





Sampa is not perfect


Mr. President, forgive Sampa. No one is perfect. Remember what Dorah Siliya said against late Michael Sata (MHSRP).Today she is enjoying the fruits of our sweat. Not only Dorah, but there are also others who harboured hatred and anger against the big man. Today, they are in the Noah boat without being ashamed of their past deeds.

Hendrix Chileshe





This is for Miles Sampa


The problem is that we only want to be on the winning side. Seriously, if Mr Sampa wants to do a positive thing now… then let him do it even without government’s hand. Feel for the poor and the less privileged in society. Then all opportunities you seek will be at your door step. Honestly, Miles should be forgiven and even restoring his membership but not to be given a government job. He has made his money and let others be given an opportunity as well. If we concentrate on employing the same rich guys, we will always be telling the same old story. If we share duties, then we will have riches distributed evenly within the country.

Misheck Ngwira





Nguleka, Ndambo sending bad picture to donors



Dr. Evelyn Nguleka and Ndambo Ndambo are sending a bad picture about our institutions to the world over. The Government, on the other hand, has embarked on the fight against corruption and misappropriation of public funds. Why would someone be so selfish that they fatten their pockets while small-scale farmers are trudging to raise money to meet the ever rising price of fertilizer?

Mulenga Charles