UPND petition to ICC laughable, says Nakachinda


HAKAINDE Hichilema has now become an international joker by attempting to take his presidential petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC), MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakachinda has charged.

Mr Nakachinda explained that the UPND Party has made a fool of itself by wishing to take the presidential petition to the ICC simply because he had littered the entire judicial system with applications which did not have any substance as he did not really have issues that could have made his presidential petition successful.

He further explained that the only thing they were doing at court was to play drama and since they realised that Zambians were tired of their drama they now thought of taking the matter to the ICC.

“Taking the presidential petition to the ICC was a laughable step to take. We wish them well in their comedy and hope they can sell their label and be incorporated in Nollyhood acting group as the local Nollyhood are not recognising their drama,’’ Mr Nakachinda has said.

He said that it appeared Mr Hichilema was not satisfied with the Zambian acting stage for dramatic behaviour so they had now decided to take their jokes to the international community.

Mr Nakachinda said that the decision by the UPND to take the petition to ICC was an embarrassment to the nation.

Meanwhile, Mr Nakachinda applauded the police Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja for not allowing the UPND to undertake a  march from the party’s secretariat to Mr Hichilema’s residence to highten the issue of taking the matter to the ICC.

“The police were in order by not allowing or permitting them to conduct their procession because when you are notifying the police to undertake a procession or to assemble, a procession should make sense.  The police should not just be subjected to manning a procession even when the procession or assemble did not make sense,’’ Mr Nakachinda has said.

He said Mr Hichilema’s attempt for a procession permit was really an attempt to try and create insinuations  that the police were being unprofessional and if the procession was allowed it was just going to be nothing but disruptive.

One thought on “UPND petition to ICC laughable, says Nakachinda

  1. I thought hh was intelligent and how could his layers not advice him unless they are sebana wikute, just their for money so they do his foolish way of doing things, unless he is so embarrassed that he wants to hide in court to court to kill time to 2021 so he can stand again, running away from his on house matter failing to do justice to his on party members yet looking for justice out there for himself. HH kalusa.

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