Israeli tour inspires Zambia MBA students


By Nation Reporter

THE 20 University of Lusaka (UNILUS) students who went on an academic tour to Israel have returned, with promises to come up with projects in technology and entrepreneurship that would ensure accelerated development across the country.

In an interview with the Daily Nation at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival, one of the students Ndela Sichizya hailed Israel’s advancement in technology and a vivid learning culture.

He claimed that what they had learnt in their 10 days tour was equivalent to what an average Zambian institution of learning would teach in a semester.

Mr Sichizya noted that Israel had grown to be among the developed countries, when it was a limping nation in the past few years.

He said that the country did not have a lot of natural resources compared to Zambia, but that they worked hard with the few resources they had.

Mr Sichiyza disclosed that the group had agreed to come up with projects that would ensure development, create wealth and employment for the Zambian people.

“The learning experience was extremely good in that the knowledge that we acquired in 10 days cannot be equated to what we can learn in a semester. Israel has grown to be among the developed countries in the world. The country does not have a lot of natural resources compared to Zambia, but work hard with the few resources they have,” he said

Another MBA student Tatiwe Nzima said that the group acquired innovative ideas in entrepreneurship that would greatly benefit the sector in Zambia.

Ms Nzima also noted that Israel had harnessed its few resources and ensured sustainable development across the nation.

She revealed that the experience made her realise that Zambia was not doing enough in terms of supporting entrepreneurial growth.And Ms Gina Chiwela acknowledged that the country still had a lot to learn from developed countries such as Israel.Ms Chiwela said that there was need for people to change their mindset towards entrepreneurship and that they should not wait for employment.

She emphasised that there was need to equip children with entrepreneurial skills from an early age.Meanwhile, UNILUS lecturer Lillian Zimba called on Government and well-wishers to support the projects that the students will initiate.Ms Zimba explained that the projects would be for the betterment of the country and that they would ensure economy growth.