Mini bus drivers  advise commuters on summer dress code


By Nation Reporter

MINI bus drivers at Kulima Tower and City Market bus stations have called for decent dressing especially among women during the current summer season to avoid a situation where call boys may attack them for being skimpily dressed.

The drivers said that it was important for people especially the female gender to be mindful of the way they dressed in view of the hot season.

They have said people should not be ‘‘walking around half-naked in the name of getting fresh air’’.Jericho Chipasha, a driver at City Market bus station, said there was no need especially for women to be moving around  indecently dressed just because of the weather.

Mr. Chipasha said the summer season was always hot and people should find ways of looking smart without being indecent.   He said the hot season should not be an excuse for people to be skimpily dressed because they were familiar with the tropical weather.

Mr. Chipasha also called on all parents and guardians to ensure that they monitor the way their children dressed before leaving their homes.“We understand that it is hot but that is no reason for any person to move around naked;  people should always be cautious of the way they dress especially our women because they have an obligation to keep their bodies private. ‘‘We do not expect to see women walking around half-naked just because it is hot.

“ And we are appealing to our fellow parents out there to ensure that they help us avoid unnecessary scenes in the stations where people are stripped naked because of what they are wearing by ensuring that they monitor how their children are dressed as they leave their  homes,’’  he said.

And Stephen Kunda, another driver, said decent dressing also applied to men.Mr. Kunda said men should not take advantage of the season and be moving around in their boxers in the name of beating the heat.

He said everyone felt hot during this time of the year but that should not mean that people should start moving around naked.

“Everyone needs to watch the way they dress especially in public places like a stations or  the markets. There are places where people are allowed to dress how they want but in places like bus station everyone needs to be cautious and mindful of how they dress, both men and women,’’ he said.-Millennium Radio 9

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