Turkey grants scholarships to Zambian students


By Nation Reporter

THE Turkish government has given scholarships to 27 Zambians to study in  various disciplines such as engineering and geology in that country.

In an interview yesterday, after hosting a luncheon for the students at the embassy, Turkish ambassador to Zambia Ahmet Ardar, said that his government had sponsored 27 Zambians for different courses, among them geology and engineering, in Turkey at different learning institutions as well as colleges in post-graduate and under-graduate programmes.

Mr Ardar said that the students were expected to leave for Turkey this monthend or early next month and that they were excited to go and study.

He said that in the first year all students were expected to learn the Turkish language and thereafter pursue their career choices at different universities and colleges.

“The Turkish government has given scholarships to 27 Zambians to study various disciplines such as engineering, geology and among others.

“The programmes include post-graduate and under-graduate programmes which they will study at different cities, learning institutions such as engineering, geology and many others.’’

Mr Ardar, however, expressed dismay that some of the sponsored students had pulled out of the scholarship for various reasons.

He however said that the embassy respected their decisions, hence they would not fill the gaps with other students as that would be inappropriate.

“The students are happy to go and study, however, some of them have pulled out and we respect their decisions which we believe has to do with them finding better opportunities such as employment or other sponsors but we will not fill those gaps with other students as doing so would be improper,” he said.

He said that the luncheon was meant to interact with the students and as a mini-orientation but that students would be fully oriented in due course.