Kitwe residents told to support new mayor


By Nation Reporter

FORMER mayor of Kitwe Kelvin Sinyangwe has urged the people of the city to support the newly elected mayor, Christopher Kang’ombe, to enhance  development in the town.

Mr Sinyangwe said the new mayor had come into office with new ideas to develop the city into a modern one.

The former mayor said that Kitwe was considered as the hub of the Copperbelt Province because of its mining and industrial base.

Mr Sinyangwe said during his time as the mayor for Kitwe he managed to lure investors both local and foreign to invest in different aspects of the economy for the benefit of the city.

He said Kitwe was expanding economically because of its central location on the Copperbelt and various business executives had decided to invest in the city because of the favourable economic policies.

Mr Sinyangwe said over the years the council had involved the private sector to implement development projects to beautify the city.

The former mayor said that he was confident that  Mr Kang’ombe would perform according to the people’s expectations because he had the experience of working for the local authority as he was once a councillor.

Mr Sinyangwe said that President Edgar Lungu’s agenda to put the young people in positions of decision making was timely because they were the future of the nation.

He said all the 28 PF councillors in Kitwe and those from other political parties who stood on the position of the mayor, despite not making it, should support the new mayor because he was now the father of the city.

Mr Sinyangwe said Kitwe was a great city which needed to be developed into an attractive habitat for the residents to have a sense of belonging.

He said the City of Kitwe could only develop if the residents and other stakeholders in the city worked together to improve its status.

The former mayor and his team during their reign had ensured that they tackled development projects that were beneficial to the people.

He said the council management, councillors, residents, the business community and other stakeholders were key to the advancement of the city.