Bwana mkubwa MP warns against illegal land acquisition


By Nation REporter

BWANA MKUBWA Constituency parliamentarian Jonas Chanda says he is disappointed with some people who have encroached on the land meant for a secondary school and a hospital in Mushili Township.

Dr. Chanda said it was unfortunate that some people wanted to satisfy their personal needs at the expense of community development.

Dr. Chanda said it was worrying that the land which was meant for the construction of a secondary school had been sold to a named company which had since started construction works.

He said the land in question was for the development of a secondary school and hospital but the people of Mushili have been denied the opportunity to have quality education and health facilities because some people had decided to sell the land.

Dr. Chanda said he would ensure that all the people who were involved in the dubious land allocation should be brought to book. He said the law would take its course to whoever was part of the illegal land allocation because the Government was in a hurry to develop the country.

Dr. Chanda has urged the people to follow the right procedure when procuring land and avoid engaging in illicit activities such as corruption.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that those who had encroached on the land reserved for the hospital and secondary school risked their structures being demolished as he did not support such illegalities.

Dr. Chanda said even the people who were fond of acquiring land without proper documentation risked losing their land and should, therefore, ensure they corrected their status with relevant authorities.

He said the people of Mushili deserved to have a hospital and secondary school within their locality for the development of the area.

The parliamentarian has promised the people in the constituency that he would deliver according to their expectations because they were partners in development.