HH fallacious victory


It beats my imagination how fallacy filled UPND leadership has become. Their leader HH is on record, not once but several times, way before the 11th August elections to have vowed publicly not to accept the results if he lost. What did that mean? It meant that HH had declared himself a winner and was only awaiting his inauguration, period. Surely, can one expect such an individual to accept defeat and offer one to co-operate with a genuinely declared winner? No ways!

SK Chishimba, Mufulira




Change PF Chawama  leadership


We have a greedy leadership in PF Chawama constituency. We have a very bad, selfish leadership in Chawama constituency which needs to be changed. There is need to change the entire leadership except for the chairman  who is doing a great job. Others are interested in plots, land etc.

Concerned Chawama resident




Govt must reduce mealie-meal prices


It is believed that if you acquire wealth in a dishonest manAs much as I have no problem with Zambia donating maize to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, why didn’t government offload part of that maize in Zambia for mealie-meal to be more affordable?

Tsokisa. G



Former Barclays employees’ plight common


The problem that the Barclays retirees are going through is common in many organisations in Zambia. Workers’ lack of interest to read the contents of their contracts is partly the problem. In my 27 years of service, three quarters of which I spent working as a human resources practitioner showed how we Zambians ignore the importance attached to the contracts we sign. It’s shocking to note that some of the workers who have spent all their lives working for Barclays should start complaining about how their pensions have been calculated today. The question is why?




It is time to auction Post assets


It is biblically written that tax should be paid. M’membe and his colleagues will never pay what they owe to ZRA. The only option is to start auctioning their assets.

Alick Nyambe,

Patriotic Zambian


Hounding out of Canisius undemocratic


The suspension and eventual resignation of UPND’s vice-president for politics Dr. Canisius Banda makes sad reading. Anyway, many expected this because Canisius Banda did not agree with the top party leadership’s way of doing things. This is orchestrated by the two top leaders to hound out men and women with free minds who do not think that they need to lean on HH or GBM in order to express themselves freely.

Soon you will hear that Mutale Nalumango will be next in the firing range. Yes, let HH stand in 2021 which he shall lose again because of his dictatorial tendencies. However, I wish them well.

Micky, Ndola


Congratulations to Makebi Zulu


Congratulations Hon Makebi Zulu on being elected Member of Parliament for Malambo constituency and appointed Minister for Eastern province. May God bless you.

Disciples of Christ Church,Lusaka


Need for full Cabinet


Now that the elections are over, one would have expected a Cabinet in place and functioning. My appeal to the President is to quickly put in place his Cabinet so that things get moving. We knew that we would win the elections so we have no excuse for not having a full Cabinet. The citizens of this great country are watching and might start to wonder if we, as a ruling party, know what we are doing. Mr President, please act!

Regards, Brian

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