Letters to the editor

UPND cry babies should be ashamed

Dear Editor,

I am amazed that the UPND leadership can claim to have won the elections with the support of three Provinces only.This alone should be the main cause of shame and despondency because it shows them as a truly regional grouping that should not be allowed anywhere near power because of their “ethnic” oriented origin.This country is made up of 10 Provinces with the Copperbelt and Lusaka being the mixing pots of all the regions. Ordinarily opposition parties in many countries do very well in urban areas where the population is mixed and fairly educated.This is not the case in Zambia where the sitting Government won all the  main urban seats because the populace, especially educated people  found the opposition wanting. The reasons are very simple, few people would want to vote for people who are less than forthright in their declaration.To date nobody knows where GBM did his secondary education. He has refused to disclose it because he did not complete school.His President also failed to disclose what kind of business he is engaged in apart from stating his net worth and liabilities. This declaration said nothing about how he made his money.Zambians want to know these things and the sooner the two leaders make a clear declaration the better because people will be able to make a clear and informed assessment of the two leaders.It is true that all votes are equal but the truth is that voters in Dundumwezi are not in the same league as voters in urban areas such as Lusaka who are privy to information and knowledge that enables them to make very clear decision on the basis of facts.The voters in Dundumwezi voted on regional interest. They quite rightly believed that one of their own would deliver. There is nothing wrong with this thinking if it is the only reason for voting. After all self-interest is at the base of almost all political decisions.The only problem is that regional self-interest then pits itself against other regional interests. In this case seven Provinces decided to vote for PF because of their self-interest premised on national values. They did not have faith in a narrow regional grouping.Ultimately, therefore the interest of the greater number of people prevailed. This can be seen from the fact that the PF won inspite of a lower turn out compared to the strangely high figures witnessed in the three UPND strongholds.It will be interesting to see the results of 2021 given the experience of this year. No doubt the  lessons have been learnt and I am sure that the voters will turn out in numbers to meet  the deficit experienced this year. LNM, Lusaka


Fire Rescue Ambulances at Local Clinics

 Dear Editor,

On Saturday around 17:15hrs (24th September, 2016) while visiting friends in Chunga near Kalukungu market, fire swept through a 2 by 3 flat.Instead of just watching hopelessly waiting for help to come from the Fire and Rescue department (Fire Brigade) ‘the love thy neighbour as you love yourself’ instinct kicked in and without warning or asking, the rescue efforts by the locals to put out the fire began. Some with buckets of water others, sand gave their all to extinguish the fire that had now spread to other rooms.By the time the fire engine arrived, 90 per cent of the work in putting out the fire had been done by the locals. Team work had paid off. Locals at the scene, complained bitterly on the late coming of the fire and rescue team that if they were to come at the scene on time, property destroyed would have been saved.Well, in my view, you can’t blame the locals for complaining bitterly at these brave men and women (fire and rescue team) for showing up late. In most cases our fire and rescue team has responded poorly to fires. It’s either late coming or their vehicles not having water.Again, you can’t entirely blame the late, mostly poor and slow response of these brave men and women. Their rescue vehicles are not just enough and so is the man power for them to do their works diligently every time we need them in our different communities.I mean take for example, if we had fires one in Chunga, another in Mandevu, also one in Chawama, all happening at the same time, such would put these brave men and woman in an awkward situation as to which fire they should respond to first.At the scene, the locals also gave some ideas of which I believe to be good enough if property and lives are to be saved on time.In oneness, they suggested an idea of instead of just having a fire station which is operational but mostly slow to respond every time rescue is needed; the government should put up some Fire Engines and Ambulance at all local major clinics. They gave an example of Chingwele clinic, now level one hospital or George clinic if they had a fire and rescue engine, the fire that had swept through the flats could have been avoided on time because the response would have been nearer to them than to wait for response and help coming as far as church road near Evelyn Hone Collage.For the first time at a scene of an accident, in this case fire, I just didn’t hear the blame game but ideas were brought out on how best to solve the late mostly poor response by our fire and rescue teams.Personally, I am in total agreement with the ideas brought out by these locals of having fire and rescue engines at our local major clinics. This will surely help the fire department to respond on time every time property and lives are in danger. I mean, most of the major markets that we have like Bauleni, Buseko or Mandevu which recently have fallen prey to fires, are near to these major clinics and if we had fire engines pressed at these clinics, the fires that sweep through our markets can be put out on time, hence saving of property worth millions of kwacha.Just a serious thought.

Troy Mukupa


UPND not personal, convention a must


HH will be worse if given the opportunity to rule Zambia. He will be like ”Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda” the former Malawian Late President. There is no way a party can be going on and on without national convention. Is it a personal party or a national party? If its personal, let him go ahead but as for 2021, he will come and cry. He will lose beyond recognition. Concerned Zambian


 Corruption at Zambia National Building Society Chingola Branch

 Dear Editor,

ZNBS is one of the last banks to pay salaries to miners especially KCM employees. So what happens is that when salaries are delayed almost everyone goes to get paid the first day it is known that the salaries are ready. On this day, there is commotion and ZNBS employees take advantage to connive with desperate customers who do not want to spend time on the queue. They ask for K50 for one to be paid as quickly as possible. Now should one bribe someone for her or him to get paid? If getting paid one has to bribe someone, what about getting a loan or a salary advance? It’s just too much that you spend three hours on a queue only to find that everyone who were sitting quietly are being called and paid just after spending 20 to 30 minutes. They do the same with standing holders from lending institutions where they ask a customer to give them something so that the standing holder should not be processed. Can management move in and control the situation or let these guys be transferred somewhere else. Kapaphane, Chingola