Careless drivers knocking down street lights lambasted


CARELESS motorists who have been knocking down streetlights on the ongoing 150 kilometre mileage project involving over US$19 million have been lambasted by the Road Development Agency (RDA) This was contained in a statement issued to the Daily Nation on Friday by RDA director communication and corporate affairs Loyce Saili that the project had progressed well with the total connected and handed over works at 50 kilometres and a total of 90 kilometres having been constructed. Ms Saili said that 60 kilometres had remained to complete the street lighting project but said that the works were without challenges as too many vehicles were crashing the pole lights. She expressed concern over delayed connections of the street lights by the service provider as well as failure by the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to provide electricity units owing to the fact that the street lights were prepaid. Ms Saili said that due to challenges faced by the local authority, the agency had changed the street lights to solar, stating the last 55 kilometres would be solar powered. “Total mileage for Street Lighting is 150 kilometres, total constructed so far is 90 kilometre, total connected and handed over is 50 kilometre and balance to be  constructed is 60 kilometres. “Challenges faced so far are, too many vehicles crashing the poles, delayed connections by service provider  and failure by LCC to provide electricity units since the lights are pre-paid,’’ she said. She said that the project was valued at US$19.5 million. Meanwhile, the LCC had recently said that it had engaged Sunspot Insurance brokers limited to help with insurance recovery on the damaged streetlights installations which came at a huge cost but that it was difficult as most motorists hit into the poles at night and members of the public did not report the incidents to the police.