NASON Msoni has launched a veiled attack against UPND president Hakainde Hichilema describing him as a man who does not respect leadership because only he (Hichilema) should be president of Zambia. Mr Msoni, president of the All People’s Congress Party (ACP) said Mr Hichilema had never been ready to serve under anybody neither did he accept to take or occupy or hold any other position other than the country’s presidency. Mr Msoni has appealed to Mr Hichilema to make peace with President Edgar Lungu and learn to moderate his (Hichilema) language apart from learning to be humble. He said the UPND leader had always considered himself a standard flag bearer to any other election including those in the future as he only expected other opposition political leaders to serve under him. Mr Msoni stated in his write-up without mentioning Mr Hichilema that the UPND leader had never accepted defeat or recognised any President who had won the past elections because only him (Hichilema) had ever won the presidency of the country. “He never recognises anybody else who wins or has won the presidency unless it is himself. Everybody else who has been elected President had rigged the elections and lacks legitimacy. He never recognises anybody as President and will never accept any of their invitation on important national events.  It smacks bitterness, bad blood, bad loser and utter selfishness, and at best unfit for the office such a leader aspires for,” Mr Msoni said on his facebook posting.   He accused Mr Hichilema of expelling his MPs who would either accept government positions or recognise the legitimacy of a duly elected President and that the UPND leader was ready to induce by-elections at a great cost to the treasury. The ACP president said Mr Hichilema had ordered his MPs to boycott the official opening of the First session of the 12th National Assembly by President Edgar Lungu, stating that the act was shameful. “Obviously, with such unrepentant attitude and rigidity, you can’t be a builder of society but rather you become part of the problem. When people say you are not a leader, this is exactly what they mean. They see selfishness in the quality of your decision and true leaders reject to support your ambitions because they see through these traits which can spell doom for the nation,” Mr Msoni said. He said other opposition political leaders had been reading behavioural problems in Mr Hichilema which he said could have been causing voters to cringe and decide not to vote for him. Mr Msoni stated that money or wealth did not capture or define leadership but rather humility did and that hatred was poison which was seldom a balm to ride on to the presidency. “My counsel to you my friend is that your attitude stinks and needs to fix it and learn to do as you wish others to do for you. Make peace with the President and moderate your uncouth language as well as learning to humble yourself,” Mr Msoni advised.