Former PF members to wait for three years


THE Patriotic Front (PF) has resolved to uphold the PF constitution which states that any person who resigns from the party shall not be eligible for re-admission to the party within three years from the date of resignation.PF secretary general Davies Mwila has announced that the ruling party’s Central Committee met last week and deliberated on a number of important issues including the prospects of its former members rejoining the party to strengthen the party.Mr Mwila said in a statement that former members applying for re-admission and those who desired to rejoin PF were expected to comply with the constitutional provisions of the party.The Central Committee meeting which was chaired by party pesident Edgar Lungu reiterated the provisions of the PF constitution regarding its former members desiring to rejoin the party.According to article 74 sub-article 16, any person who resigns from the party shall not apply for re-admission within three years from the date of resignation.And the Gallant Youth in Zambia has said the decision by PF to readmit for Matero member of Parliament, Miles Sampa to the party after three years should serve as a lesson to those who think politics is a survival venture.Executive director Henry Mulenga said Zambia was full of political migrants who were trotting from one party to another only for their bellies at the expense of serving the people.Mr. Mulenga said the three years that Mr. Sampa and other former PF members would determine whether his (Sampa) come-back were genuine and out of true repentance.He said it was important for the PF to stick to the provisions of their constitution by not allowing former party members who left the ruling party in search of greener pastures to rejoin the party until after three years. He said people who had joined politics for personal gain instead of serving the people were a danger to the development of the country adding that Zambia was looking for credible individuals who were not only politically matured, but also had the traits of discipline and respect.Meanwhile the PF has unanimously endorsed the candidature of Kitwe Mayor Christopher Pikiti Kangombe for the position of President of the Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ).