MMD denies trying to kill  Chitika 


THE Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has dispelled claims by former party president Nevers Mumba’s supporters that a named party official attacked and attempted to kill former national treasurer Elizabeth Chitika. In an interview with the Daily Nation, MMD national secretary Raphael Nakachinda described as baseless claims by former party president Dr Mumba’s supporters that the official attempted to kill Ms Chitika. Mr Nakachinda explained that Ms Chitika and other former members of the party were holding on to party vehicles, ignoring an order by the police for them to hand them over. He disclosed that the police had ordered all former members to hand over party properties following the election of Mr Felix Mutati as new MMD president. Mr Nakachinda said that their member was only trying to seize the party vehicle from Ms Chitika when she allegedly sped off in the other direction, eventually hitting into a light truck which was parked along the road. “Following an order by the police that all former members of the party should hand over party vehicles, one of our members stopped Ms Chitika but she decided to run away. In the process she hit into another vehicle and started giving out stories that we tried to kill her when it was all her fault,” he said. Mr Nakachinda wondered why Dr Mumba’s supporters had continued to ignore a clear order and failed to return party vehicles. He said that it was only noble for them to accept and respect the law which he warned would visit them if they dared if. Mr Nakachinda said that some of the former members were using party vehicles for their personal gain, which he warned was against the party constitution. He also bemoaned the use of party vehicle on farming activities by some named former officials who had adopted them as their own. Mr Nakachinda warned former members that the party would not rest untill they recovered all the properties belonging to the party. “I must warn that we will not sit and watch our vehicles being abused. Some are being used on farms, and they have held on to them as their own. Some of the former members are using party vehicles for their personal gain. The law will visit them and we will not rest till we recover all that belongs to us,” he said.