Zambians seem to harbour the amazing capacity of tolerating insufferable negative fools whose vision is blurred by the egos and negative appreciation of facts. These are individuals who cannot see any positive character in Government in which they have no say and must therefore bad mouth and at worst attempt to guide and give counsel to those in leadership. It has been said that people with positive energy inspire and motivate while those with negative energy drain and ultimately undermine creativity and positive initiative. Our country today stands at the cusps of innovation, transformation and unparalled progress, but all these negative fools can see is corruption, failure and disaster.  And the worst part of it all is that they want to canvass their negative message to Zambians. They have done so with other regimes and hope they can repeat the same in the next five years of the new Lungu regime. The tragedy is that they have a following which sees nothing positive in Zambia.  They do not see progress neither do they see any initiative towards it, rather they prosper in the cesspool of human depravity.  They live in the world of amygdala, always sensing danger, always in a flight mechanism and always aspiring towards bad news. They are perpetual and inveterate pessimists who have absolutely no purpose in the integrated multi-sectoral approach to development announced by Government that is intended to enhance inclusiveness in development without leaving anyone behind. They would rather pursue the negative and expected failure by some individuals and will make no attempt at analyzing the multi-dimensional programmes that involve a span of interactions between individuals, institutions and their defined responsibilities. They will not even attempt to analyse  the depth to which a policy such as industrialization will achieve at the user level, neither will they attempt to look at the achievements at the rural population whose lives these governments have undertaken to uplift in providing early inputs and credit to maximize production and therefore add greater value.  They would rather whine and cast aspersions, which forms the basis of their relevance. These negative souls are so thin skinned as to remain overly sensitive to criticism and taken to court for defamation and libel any report factual or otherwise that criticizes them, they would rather be the undisputed dispensers of criticism disguised as positive constructionism. No such term of course exists but they will invent it in order that they remain in their comfort zone of their negativity as they dare not venture into the world of positive aspiration and attainment. They cannot believe that anybody else can succeed in innovation and most of all directing the nation towards positive change and development. These insufferable and noxious socio-paths who are social underachievers and unable to mix with society have sadly become part of our national psyche.  But they must at this stage be excised for the benefit of this country. We cannot afford to carry along a people who will undermine the best interests of the nation, people who have no goodwill for the future and indeed people who will sap and suck the energy out of the vibrant and purposeful, those Zambians who want to deliver this country to higher heights of development and attainment. The baggage of negative energy must be left behind or be sustained into the future at the expense of national development.

2 thoughts on “NEGATIVE FOOLS 

  1. You surely can’t tell me that you people were never taught how organize and write articles in PARAGRAPHS!

  2. One just has to go in ur editorial archives to see how ur editorials have you turned. Maybe Sata’s death gave birth to a more transparent PF full of upright characters.
    Just read ur 2012 editorials man u have changed, you’ve seen the light olo ur fingers were buttered generously.
    As the Bible says call sin by its rightful name.
    We all know that which that there’s a rats corpse in this house, pliz dig it out before the stench gets worse.

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