PF won, says Canisius 


THE PF won the August 11 elections fair and square and allegations to the  contrary are totally misconceived, says Canisius Banda. And the former UPND vice president for politics has rubbished claims by the UPND that the August general elections were rigged and has cautioned the opposition party Members of Parliament (MP) to be careful in their assertions because they are in Parliament on the basis of the same vote they claim to have been stolen. And Dr Banda has charged that his resignation from the UPND was final because he could no longer work in a toxic environment that had endangered his life. In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Dr Banda wondered why the UPND could say their vote was stolen when it was the same vote that signified their presence in the House. “How can they say their vote was stolen when the premise for their presence in the House (Parliament) is the same vote they were saying was stolen. So whose vote are they talking about? So they should be specific, was that protest in solidarity with their president, or in solidarity with the citizens because they are in the House as the consequence of the citizens having voted for them. So are they saying that validity of their MPs is questionable?” Dr Banda said. Dr Banda was reacting to the decision by all the 58 UPND Members of Parliament to boycott the official opening of the first session of the 12th National Assembly by President Edgar Lungu on Friday last week on the premise that their vote was stolen. “Staying away from the House in protest should be properly done because citizens are at a loss to find out the reason for boycotting,” Dr Banda said. He said UPND MPs were elected to be in the House so they should do their protest properly and also let them be in that House and speak. Dr Banda said Parliament was a platform for speaking on behalf of the citizens and they must do that. He said Parliament seats in the House and not outside. “They should be very careful to question the very vote that premises their presence in the House. Protest is a must but its basis must inspire citizens. Parliament seats inside and not outside and they are expected to do their work as Members of Parliament,” he said. Meanwhile, Dr Banda has charged that his resignation from the UPND was final because he could no longer work in a toxic environment that had endangered his life. Dr Banda said there was a group of vultures in the UPND who wanted to bite him. Dr Banda also said that he was asked by the UPND to exculpate himself before they could consider suspending him from the party. “I cannot stay in an environment that is toxic, that endangers my life. Even the best of friends some day you will have to part company,” he said. And Dr Banda said there was ‘‘no love and spirit on oneness’’ in the party for Mr Charles Kakoma to claim the party could not deliver his suspension letter because nobody knows where he (Dr Banda) stays. “I am not a member of any political party in Zambia today. The only status that I have known is that of a pilgrim who does not know wherever he goes, so my journey continues,” he said.

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