Police acquire anti-riot, crowd control kit


THE Zambia Police Service has procured modern anti-riot equipment that includes water crowd control vehicles to help officers in crowd control especially during public protests, says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.  Mr Kanganja said the service has procured three Marauders and 15 Mavericks automobiles for paramilitary and general policing which included crowd control among other purposes. The Inspector General was in South Africa to inspect the equipment which has been procured to beef up police services in the country in line with the modernisation process of the service. “I am right now in South Africa carrying out on-the-spot inspection of the vehicles. We have the Marauders and Mavericks, fully equipped to quell any volatile situation.  ‘‘These are multi-purpose vehicles which use rubber bullets, tear smoke and indeed live bullets to send warning,” he said. He explained that police officers would undergo special training in the use and maintenance of the vehicles for effective results as it was the first time the country was acquiring such high tech equipment for the police. He said Government has provided the resources in the quest to modernize the police service in order for it to evolve into the 21st Century. Recently, Lilayi Police College library received hundreds of books from the UK’s Scotland Yard as reference books in investigation, psychology, management and sociology studies for police recruits. The books were reading materials intended to expose the officers to international standards of training.


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  1. Police officers should also all go for military training as well as to ensure all officers to do refresher courses regular . Police should be the most feared entity as to instill discipline to society .

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