Daily Nation, you took the weaker side of Nonde’s story


Dear Editor,

I write to remind you that you did not report the whole story on Labour Minister Joyce Nonde Simukoko’s address to the nation as reported in your edition of 04. 10.2016 on page 3 under the headline  “CHANGE WORK CULTURE -NONDE’.

I heard the same story on Radio Phoenix with an audio clip of the Minister’s address.

She emphasised a lot on both the casualisation aspect and other bad working conditions inflicted on Zambian workers for which I highly personally commended her.

However, your story left out this part and concentrated on workers, although I also condemn  bad working culture of some workers.

Consider this extremely bad investor practice.

There is a big private pharmaceutical company on Freedom Way, with a big I.V fluids manufacturing factory in Kabwe,and employs about 160 Zambian workers and gets highly profitable Ministry of Health annual contracts for drugs worth millions of Kwacha, and employs more than 70% of these workers as casuals.

This company’s salary scales for locals are very low and no salary increments have been effected since 2012 despite their products’ selling prices being increased many times during the same period.There is no Human Resource Manager, no union representation,the other 30% of the workers are on two-year contracts,which are always renewed with no change in the basic pay.On the other hand, all Asian employees’ conditions are ten-fold better than the locals.

All these anormalies have been reported to the Ministry of Labour many times over the years ,but nothing is ever done and these employment contracts are always ratified by the Labour Ministry with no questions asked as to why our salaries never go up.

G.Chilufya, Kabwe.