Govt under a real threat


Dear Editor,

Fellow Zambians, its real, very real that the legitimately elected leadership of our country, is under a real threat and possibly even an illegal usurpation of power.

I am not being an alarmist, but you ought to take a neat look at what is currently obtaining on the political scene.

The seditious material discovered in the stewardship of the Western Province UPND chairman, ought to jolt us all, into the reality of the threat.

Firstly, he just cannot be the only one with that sort of material.

Secondly, it must be, and I am persuaded to believe, that it could be the, official expression of the UPND’s covert position-to take over Government! Yes, they mean and intend to take over Government.

On September 9th 2016, at Chainama Hotel, they held a press conference, at which they openly stated that the, 1.8 million UPND supporters had the capacity to override the State and remove Government.

See Daily Nation, September 10th 2016 paragraphs 4, 5. That is the ‘the next stage’ of action they referred to at their first meeting, to which Western diplomats were invited.

September 30th 2016, was the day HH, was to be installed as President, and almost two weeks (the Southerners and Westerners) people’s minds were psyched for that moment.

There is even a website churning out that sort of information.

To me all this is a clear pointer to a coup plot.

That material, is not only seditious but a good ingredient of treasonable actions. Its part of the plot to a coup-de-tat.

Its the ‘ next stage’ of the operation Armageddon.

UPND’s MPs boycotting the official opening of Parliament by our President was another way of saying “you are not the President, HH is the President and we shall wait for him to address us”.

Now call me what you want to call me, but fellow citizens, these ill conceived and self-deluded tribalists have an unquenchable thirst for power, are seemingly planning a coup!

We are not safe with these fellows loose on the ground. Their utterances are already enough grounds for Government to reign them in.

The only trouble is Government is rather too slow and less courageous to haul them in.

Government will only act when damage has already been done, if at all Government will be there to act, that’s if Edgar will have the nerve to strike before they do.

I mean take a closer look at their statements and you will most likely agree with my assertions. Any one who cares to know surely ought to know HH’s stand. The pompous fellow has become a danger to the peace of our country.

The young fellow will, with GBM at his side, do anything! Anything no matter how evil, just to get power.

Edgar can re-introduce the preservation of the Public Order Act and have peace or in the name of democracy, have our country fed to these power hungry people, who, as can be seen, have no respect for our democratic right to vote for Edgar without having our property razed down.

Of what good is democracy when its very existence is threatened by a few power-hungry individuals who will never accept nor respect the democratic right of voters who voted for Edgar?

Will you allow democracy to be overthrown violently or would you rather have these fellows imprisoned long-term, thus preserving democracy.

We certainly don’t need HH. He is a public menace and danger to society but if his international community friends view him as being of value then its only them and not Zambia.

We are a sovereign State and democratically voted for Edgar, out of our own democratic will and nobody, nobody, not even America, Britain nor the rest of the EU countries can tell us what to do.

HH will not impose himself on us. They can use him in their own countries. If HH, GBM na Mumba try to usurp State power, let them be assured that they will individually be held accountable for their actions.

We love peace and we love our country. We have not committed any crimes against any country or individual by voting for HH.

Why should the opposite be true? Fellow Zambians and Government in particular, be courageous, decisive and swift to protect the only country we have from these power hungry politicians. Infact, HH’s role during privatisation must be reviewed with courage. Let the chips fall where they will! Do it!

GBM’s possible benefits from Government contracts during his time as Minister of Defence must be looked at faster.

In national interest, government can forgo some perceived human rights in order to maintain peace and stability of our country.

It is the same people who de-campaigned the Referendum on the Bill of Rights, so why is Government failing to deal with them swiftly?

What and who is Government afraid of? And why? We don’t need them.

Certainly not! I love Robert Mugabe and Paul Kagame. They have muscle and that spectacular courage.

RA, Lusaka

2 thoughts on “Govt under a real threat

  1. Nation, how can you publish such rubbish that is just intended to provoke violence and division?

    We need a UNITED ZAMBIA, not more of this divisive nonsense. That is how Rwanda happened!

    Be responsible in your reporting!

  2. Good, please let the police act quickly you have heard for your selves what else are you waiting for. Get them behind bars. We want peace in Zambia. No war. HH is nothing. Arrest him when he has committed a crime.

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