PF won the August 11 elections-EYA


IT DOES not matter whether former UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda decides to backtrack on his earlier statement that the Patriotic Front (PF)won the August 11 general elections Zambians already know that the party clearly beat all opposition political parties, says the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) executive e director Moses Lungu.  Rev. Lungu said it was unfortunate that Dr. Banda had continued to betray his conscious over a matter that was clear as there was no doubt that the PF won the election as all the Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) results from independent institutions showed soCommenting on Dr. Banda’s claims that he was misquoted in a story in which he said the PF had won the elections, Rev Lungu said Zambians did not need any confirmation from anyone over the results of the just-ended election because evidence was there for all to see.

He said EYA was convinced that the results announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) were authentic and reflected the correct figures obtained from all polling stations across the country because they tarried with the information that was obtained by its agents who were on the ground monitoring the results.

He said it was unfortunate that some sources failed to maintain their viewpoints and were quick to backtrack on what they had issued to the press to clear their names without realising the damaging effects of such actions on the media that cover them adding that there was need for people to be sincere in the way they conducted themselves by maintaining their stances on matters that affect the general public.  He said his organisation was ready to prove once again to those who were still doubting the authenticity of the results announced by ECZ because it had its own PVT, adding that his organisation would soon publish a report on the developments in Southern, Western and North Western on the polling day where its monitors and ECZ officials were vexed by UPND and that Dr. Banda was par of such machinations.

He said if what happened in this year’s election was not rectified, there could be serious problems in 2021 if what happened in UPND strongholds was to be replicated in other parts of the country because the opposition political party’s activities bordered on electoral malpractice. “We want to tell Dr. Banda that whether he refutes the story about PF winning or not, the truth is that the PF won and we have evidence to back that fact because we conducted our independent PVT which tarried with ECZ results and we had monitors on the ground who were at the mercy of then UPND together with the ECZ officials and Dr. Banda was part of the machinations to steal votes from the PF but they failed because God intervened and prevented them from stealing what did not

belong to them.