Religious Affairs Ministry welcome



Dear Editor,

The moral decay, both in the church and government needs an honest approach to give spiritual and social guidance to the nation.

The church mother bodies criticising the creation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance have on several occasions meddled in politics, and never took it as interference but when politics involve religion in governance, it is termed as interference.

As Nobert.S.J. Munekani invites in the JCTR bulletin no. 105 second quarter of 2016, Christians have always understood themselves to be dual citizens, both of the world and of the kingdom of God, and this dual citizenship is not a divided loyalty because a person is not only sacred but also social.

The church, he said, is the individual believer and the institutional entity, both having a role to play in the political realm.

He further said, the church is an ‘assembly’ or ‘called-out ones’ in Greek known as Ekklesia, and that ‘politics’ mean all activities relating to government, guiding or building a civil society to seek common good for people to flourish.  I, therefore, feel the creation of the Ministry will deal with the spiritual and political direction which we are slowly losing as a nation, just as the Ambassador of the Holy See, rightly represents the Vatican city of sacred mission whilst performing political diplomacy.

Adeodatus Matafwali