Cassie introduces child actor to fight domestic violence


By Terence Miselo

Zambian award winning film producer and actress Cassie Kabwita has added a new cast to the on-going production of Kwacha, a movie meant to fight vices like child abuse, gender-based violence as well as domestic violence. Introducing a first-time actor Andre Zulu Jr, son to entertainment and events promoter, Andrew Zulu aka DJ Andre Mwanalesa, Kabwita said the reason she has used a child actor in the film is to help emphasize the need to fight domestic violence which affects a good number of children in Zambia. “We decided to use little Andre to spread the message of putting an end to domestic violence because children are highly affected by this ungodly act of violence. Andre plays a role of a boy who is traumatized by how badly his mom is abused daily by his alcoholic father till one fateful day he witnessed his mother kill the father in self-defense,” explains Kabwita in an interview. “Violence on children causes what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder This condition affects the children differently and it is because of this disorder that we have a lot of kids loitering on the streets. Domestic violence is the major contributor to the rapid growth of street kids and joblessness amongst the youths,” Kabwita says insisting that the Kwacha movie will therefore help expose all these issues affecting children. She said she is happy that the budding child actor Andre is doing very well with his role. “Andre really brought out his character. He is good and I am so impressed because this is his first time to act,” Kabwita said.