Let’s avoid partisan politics in Parley, Kalulushi MP

NEWLY elected members of Parliament have called for peace, cooperation and rise above partisan lines as they endeavored to serve the people of their constituencies with profound diligence. Debating President Edgar Lungu’s speech when he officially opened Parliament last week on Friday, Patriotic Front (PF) MP for Kalulushi Kampamba Chilumba called on all Parliamentarians to put behind their partisan lines as they debated in parliament. Ms Chilumba reminded the MPs that they were in Parliament to serve the people and that they should endevour to serve their communities with diligence. She pointed out that it was only through cooperation and concerted efforts that they were going to develop the country and improve the lives of the people. And Nkana constituency MP Alexander Chiteme reiterated that MPs should always be awake to the fact that they were elected to change lives of the people they represented. Mr Chiteme noted that some MPs join parliament with good intentions for the people of their constituency but that they changed as they stayed on in the house. He warned that the moment they forgot why there were in parliament and who they served was the time they fell to the foul side of the line. Mr Chiteme advised his fellow MPs to embrace a spirit of unity and eager to serve their people with love and due diligence. “MPs should always be wary that the works they do, is done to change the lives of the people they represent. Some MPs join parliament with good intentions for the people of their constituency but changed as they stay on in the house. The moment they forget why there are in parliament and who they serve is the time they fall to the foul side of the line” he warned. Meanwhile, PF Nchelenge MP Anthony Malama commended President Lungu’s speech during the opening of parliament last week, for priotising economic diversification in the country in order to ensure sustainable development. Mr Malama also emphasised the need to boost the tourism sector in order for it to contribute to the economic growth in the country. He commended the construction and upgrading of feeder roads across the country, adding that they would help enhance tourism and ensure more foreign returns into the country.