UPND violence threat a Parody

Dear Editor, The threat by Lusaka UPND youths to cause violence and instability because their President Hichilema Hakainde and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba who have been arrested should be treated with seriousness because it shows a very clear case of legal misapprehension which could land this country into mayhem. They do not understand that we have a criminal justice system which determines the guilty or innocence of an individual. These cadres do not understand that an arrest in Zambia is part of the process of bringing the accused persons before courts of law where they will be heard. Their statements of intimidation will not stop prosecution but may, in fact, cause more problems for themselves and others who may wish to riot or cause general instability in order to protest the situation. If anything, such threats will only provoke Patriotic Front cadres who have been bearing the insults leveled at the party and the leadership since the elections resulted were declared. HH and his people have refused to accept Edgar Lungu who won the just ended general elections. The fact that the UPND lost in Lusaka and Copperbelt must show them that any antagonism will be against the losing party which is obviously in minority. They must not forget that any fracas or loss of peace will not only be limited to one section of society but the whole society. That is why those involved in court processes and disturbances should not extend their problems to the rest of society because the outcome will be very ugly. My appeal is that the time for elections is over and time has now come for development which requires peace. The Police should deal firmly with those people who think that the people’s will expressed at the ballot box should be changed by violence. Our friends from UPND, and HH in particular, have never accepted defeat. They will not accept defeat at the next polls if their party remains regional. Zambia is bigger than a regional and any attempt by one group to dominate will not succeeed.

Gerald Mwenda.


A civil service clean sweep

Dear Editor, The August 11 post-poll era in Zambia is overwhelmed with socio-economic national and global challenges. The best President Edgar Lungu can do is to clean up the entire civil service because it is deeply infiltrated, corrupt and deliberately exhibiting inertia to frustrate his vision, mission and objectives to govern the country to the best of his abilities as precisely observed by the leading civil rights activist and political commentator, Brebner Changala (“Clean up civil service”, Daily Nation, October 5, 2016). Probably, the definition of civil service has to change. True civil service does not come from the top or only from the ruling elite. Equally, true civil service does not need the experience of serving in the very same government or ruling party that we are trying to oust or frustrate. It does not prey on fears or make expedient promises or seek populism in place of popularity. Needless to say, independence-era political relics and 1990s second-wind civil servants have overstayed their welcome. If a genuine civil service is going to emerge from the ranks of Zambia’s ordinary people, the President and his Cabinet ministers have to create the conditions that make this possible. Our times call for new, young and dynamic Zambian civil service which does not see Zambia as a junior partner in a globalised world. We need civil servants that reject foreign aid in favour of equal trade and that struggle against inequalities within and between nations. Admittedly, after the UPND election loss in the just-ended polls, the deeply infiltrated civil service has outlived its usefulness. It too should be left by the wayside with a polite note of thanks. The past should not continue to bear down so heavily on the present. The past has to free the future. Undoubtedly, the PF in the recent past, depended on the old guard in the civil service to keep it afloat, but they only succeeded in limiting its imagination. It is time to let them go for good. It is time to break free from the culture of corruption, social media rumour-mongering and gossip, let alone the laissez-faire approach to work. Mubanga Luchembe, LUSAKA


HH should be factual

Dear Editor, The assertions by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba that UPND won the 11th August, 2016 elections lacks merit. To start with, he should seriously reflect and convince even a child that ten provinces minus three where he apparently gets his purported massive support is not seven. More to that, how can he claim victory against Patriotic Front Party’s Edgar Lungu with only his party winning 58 seats in Parliament out of about 150 seats or so? Simple arithmetic tells me that it is practically impossible! So, how then did he win the elections with such a minimal number of Members of Parliament compared to Patriotic Front Party’s?  Please, give us a break and start strategic mobilisation for 2021. Maybe with lucky, you can have more provinces on your side to claim victory. As for now, let there be peace and conducive environment for the Government and all the MPs to deliver the much needed services to this great nation Zambia. Wisdom Muyunda, Chingola



ZNFU has to clean its name

Dear Editor, The current Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) is a total disgrace for allegedly misusing K43 million donor funds meant to benefit small-scale farmers which in the process  could have gone a long way in reducing the high levels of poverty in the nation especially in the rural areas. For me, ZNFU should be last to ask Government to increase agriculture budget when it is alleged of misusing money in the same sector which was to benefit many farmers. The best, I think, the acting ZNFU president  Richard Lisimba could have done is to keep quiet for the time being because  ZNFU needs serious rebranding. It has brought a lot of ignominy not only to itself but to the donors and the nation at large. For me the first  thing ZNFU should discuss with the new Agriculture minister Dora Siliya is how the stolen money will be paid back. That money could have benefited many farmers in Zambia instead of it going into the pockets of a few individuals. For now ZNFU has a lot of work to do to re-do its outlook so that it can begin to attract donor funding. I cannot say much because the matter is headed for the courts of law. ZNFU now needs a quality, trusted and respected team of management to win back the donor confidence for the good of our agriculture. Josiah Soko Salima Road , Matero


Congratulations Christopher Kang’ombe

Dear Editor, I write to congratulate Kitwe Patriotic Front Party Executive Mayor Christopher Pikiti Kang’ombe for emerging victorious in the Local Government Authority presidency elections . Mr Kang’ombe is surely a tested leader since his infancy at Copperbelt University where he was a students union leader, hence his abrupt rising to such portfolios within a short period of time is just a plus for this young stalwart. Please, serve both the people of Kitwe and the Local Authority with the diligence and dignity they deserve. The trust put on you is massive but with your team, vibrancy and calibre, you can deliver to the best interest of those you are to serve, please don’t disappoint them. Congrats Chrisy. MW CHINGOLA