State challenges RSTA over road carnage

TRANSPORT and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba has directed the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and other law enforcement agencies to seriously carry out an introspective audit of their operations and staff and put in place measures that will stop the unacceptable behavior of motorists on the roads. Mr Mushimba has also directed RTSA to intensify road patrols to enforce safety and good road user behavior with zero tolerance on over-speeding, drunken and unlicensed drivers. Speaking in Lusaka yesterday at a media briefing , Mr Mushimba said he will soon be signing 18 Statutory Instruments to reinforce road traffic regulations, promote good road user behavior, motor vehicle safety as well as prohibit night driving of public service vehicles and provide for the monitoring of excessive speeding. He disclosed that 47 people have been killed on the road in the last three months, a situation he described as unacceptable. ‘‘For instance, taking the recent Kitwe road crash as an example, I am reliably informed that the driver of the vehicle lost control due to excessive speed; the driver was under-age for public service vehicle , he was unlicensed and worse still the vehicle  was overloaded with thirteen(13) passengers on board when the seating capacity for the type of vehicle is seven(7)  and further the vehicle was registered as a public service vehicle,’’ he said. Mr Mushimba reiterated that government has provided the relevant legislation , rules  and regulations to govern the roads transport sub sector , but unfortunately, the road users were failing due to their deliberate disregard and avoidable of the provisions. He said the state of affairs was totally unacceptable because the road crashe were prevalently occurring and their common cases, hence measures needs to be done and reduce road crashes, further called on law enforcement agencies to stop thees fatal road crashe on the roads..

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