ZABS hails importers on product standards


THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is impressed with the improvement in the levels of product compliance to standards on imported products. ZABS head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu said in a statement yesterday that there has been a great improvement in compliance in line with product standards as noted in the month of August during market surveillances and inspections on various imported products that fell under the mandatory standards category. Ms Zulu said that in August 2016  a total of 197 samples were received from the border offices and submitted to the testing laboratories at the ZABS head office. She said that by the end of August, 68 product sample results were received and 41 were compliant to applicable standards, representing 60.2 percent compliance levels. “We are pleased to note that the results available showed that 60.2% of the sampled products were compliant to Zambian standards,” she said. Ms Zulu said that product samples that were received from the borders included fertilizer, foodstuffs, chemicals and electrical products. Others were condoms and batteries. She said that products that did not meet the standards were seized and withdrawn from the market in accordance with the standards Act to ensure the safety of consumers. “We would like to reiterate our call to importers of various products to cooperate with the ZABS officers at the borders to allow for product sampling and testing in order to ascertain the safety and quality of the products imported into the country. ‘‘Importers should also be conversant with all the importation obligations and procedures for various regulated products to ensure that the products are in conformity with set standards,” she said. Ms Zulu said ZABS had  modern aboratories for testing and analysis of products to national and international standards as well as client specifications. She said that products tested included foodstuffs, water, beverages and detergents. Others were fertilizers, paints and condoms.