Planning ministry to harmonise Govt projects – Mulusa

THE Ministry of National Development Planning is harmonising all Government plans and taking stock of what needs to be done to accelerate development in Zambia, says minister Lucky Mulusa.

This was according to a statement issued by the first secretary for press and public relations Patricia Littiya at the Zambian embassy in Washington.

Mr Mulusa said this when he and Finance Minister Felix Mutati paid a call on the embassy staff in Washington, DC, this week.

Mr Mulusa said his ministry was created to respond to the lack of achievement of set goals in the development of the country.

He noted that despite the country having been developing and implementing projects, there was need to harmonise the implementation.

Mr. Mulusa cited the road infrastructure programme where he observed that even though the Government was doing an exceptional job in road construction, most roads were ‘‘social’’ projects not linked to key development areas such as agricultural production and tourism.

The minister noted that the Ministry of National Development Planning would ensure that only economically beneficial plans were implemented.The two ministers were welcomed by chargé d’affaires at the embassy Joseph Chilaizya.The Zambian delegation includes Ministry of Finance permanent secretary Dr Ronald Simwinga, Ministry of National Development Planning permanent secretary Dr Sr Auxilia Ponga and Bank of Zambia Governor Dr Denny Kalyalya.

One thought on “Planning ministry to harmonise Govt projects – Mulusa

  1. The concept of “social roads” or “social infrastructure” is problematic. It is a panacea for abandoning targeted road construction projects and road maintenance projects in targeted areas. First, what is the criteria for labeling one road project as being ‘social’ or ‘anti-development’? Second, who is competent to classify certain roads as ‘anti-social’ or ‘useless’? Third, every development project is necessarily a social project. That is the reason why Social Impact Assessment studies are necessary before huge investments can be authorized. All roads belong to the country.Some roads are private roads, some roads are public roads. Public roads include Township Roads, District Roads, Provincial Roads, National Roads and International Roads. All roads are social roads and interlinked and necessary for national development. Build more Toll Gates instead of just abandoning some of the roads.

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