UNDP preaches hunger, poverty eradication


THE United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says poverty and hunger is yet to be eradicated and that inequalities are increasing in many countries.

UNDP-Zambia National Economist, Elda Chirwa said rampant poverty and hunger in various countries especially in the third world countries which had not been spared by climate change had negatively contributed to the underdevelopment.

Ms Chirwa said climate change threatened development achievements in all countries and especially in the poorest and most vulnerable ones.

She said hunger and poverty could be reduced through the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they related to economic growth, infrastructure, energy and strengthening capacities to trade and attracted investment.

Ms Chirwa said the developmental agenda also tackled the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) unfinished business and the challenges of environmental degradation and rapid urbanisation.She said the new developmental agenda would remain mere rhetoric unless the UN Sustainable Development Goals could be effectively implemented.Ms Chirwa said implementing a bold global sustainable development agenda requires the participation of the world’s civil societies and other stakeholders..

She said citizen engagement was critical for the success of the new sustainable development agenda and the SDGs.On the SDGs, Ms Chirwa said there has already been  a wide outreach to the public through the online search engine called MY world survey and national consultations including Zambia.

“Through these consultations, citizens from across the world made it clear that they don’t want their engagement with the new global agenda to be limited by providing the input during the onset,” she said.Ms Chirwa said that the UNDP remains fully committed in supporting Zambia on its development for the benefit of the citizens.