POLICE have denied reports in international media that Komboni  Radio proprietor Lesa Kasoma was beaten, kicked and stripped by three armed police officers. Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri rubbished the claims stating that statement was a total fabrication of what had actually happened because his officers were professionals who would not engage in such unbecoming conduct. However, according to a South African online media, wn.com news, Ms Kasoma said she was beaten and dragged by the hair as the three officers tried to take her off the streets as they continued hitting her. “I screamed for help; they kicked my legs and I fell down, they started dragging me by my hair, trying to pull; me inside, they started kicking me, started beating me up, and they were just doing that in my ribs. “And these police officers grabbed my bra, to an extent that it even cut my breast, {they} were so painful as they pulled me, and I caught his hand and bit him,” she is quoted. But Police Commissioner Phiri explained that Ms Kasoma had gone to the Komboni Radio Station at night with the hope of gaining entry to the premises after the IBA lifted the suspension of the private radio station’s operating licence after about one month of being off air. Komboni Radio and its sister company Muvi Television and a Southern Province radio station, Itezhi Tezhi radio were shut for abrogating broadcasting regulations on elections coverage during the period before, during and after the August 11, 2016 general elections. In the process, an altercation ensured and that is how Ms Kasoma started claiming she was attacked by the police. Mr Phiri explained that Ms Kasoma actually attacked one of the officers with her teeth. He explained that Constable Simon Chisanga, who was among those assigned to secure Komboni Radio premises following its closure on August 22, 2016 was attacked on duty.He said Mr Chisanga was attacked as he tried to restrain the Komboni Radio boss from forcing her way into the premises, without clearance from high command. Mr Phiri said Ms Kasoma attacked the officer who was on duty guarding the Komboni premises during their period of suspension. “She is appearing in court over the charge of assaulting a police officer after she attacked one of the officers who was guarding Komboni radio premises during their suspension from operating. “This happened after Ms Kasoma was informed about the IBA decision to lift their suspension, a decision which had not been communicated to the police command, and (she) wanted to gain entry to the premises, but they refused her entry as they had no instructions to open the premisses. She opted to use her teeth and bit one of the officers,” Mr Phiri said