UPND cadres go on rampage in Kanyama


UPND cadres in Kanyama constituency’s Ward 10 went on rampage, burning down and destroying property worth thousands of Kwacha, following the arrest of their leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba last week.

The cadres started by disarming and beating up a security guard at Lake Petroleum filling station while threatening to burn down the property.

They then marched into the streets, where they burnt down an office belonging to the Patriotic Front (PF) and several other private properties.

The angry cadres also threatened to shoot several people they came across with the gun they grabbed from the security guard.

The PF Kanyama constituency youth chairperson Franco Mashunye expressed disappointment and worry at the way UPND supporters had resorted to seeking justice for their leaders in incarceration.

Mr Mashunye wondered why the cadres had resorted to attacking innocent people, who he said did not have anything to do with the arrest of their leaders.

“The UPND cadres mobilized themselves in the evening when they heard that their leaders were in incarceration. They beat up a guard at the filling station, got his gun and threatened to burn the whole property.

‘‘They then went and burnt down our office in Ward 10 to ashes and several other properties were ignited. Luckily, the fires were quickly controlled,” he said.

Mr Mashunye said that some of the suspects who were identified by the residents have since been picked up by the police.

He warned that the police had intensified patrols in the area and that they were on the lookout for more suspects.

Mr Mashunye advised UPND supporters to remain calm and let the courts of law determine the fate of Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba.

He pointed out that resorting to violence would not solve that situation, warning that it would just lead to more arrests.