Clients cheer as ZRA boss locks out late comers


JUBILANT clients standing in long queues at Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) head office in Lusaka yesterday cheered the action taken by the new Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda to lock out late comers. They commended ZRA for the action which they hoped would would stamp out late coming by employees which had become the trademark of the authority. In an interview, the customers said that the action was timely and hoped that other Government entities would follow suit to resuscitate a good work culture in the entities. “This action is very welcome and timely as many workers in Government institutions have a poor work culture. We were being made to wait for officers to turn up long after reporting time,” one of the customers said. Scores of ZRA employees at the firm’s head office were locked out for reporting late for work. Mr Chanda, who supervised the action, advised employees who were in the habit of reporting late for work to resign. He said employees who failed to report for work at 08.00 hours were free to resign because the culture of late reporting for work was unproductive. He also warned the employees to improve their attitude towards work for the authority to meet the expectations of stakeholders or resign. “I will not allow anyone to report any time they want and I will also not allow you to knock off from work any time you feel like,’’ he said. Addressing the culprits later Mr. Chanda said it was high time employees changed their attitude towards work. He said that was important more so that  the Authority was below revenue collection target by over K300 million. “I did write to all of you that things must change and I was not joking, I was serious. If you feel you can report for work any time and you feel you can knock off any time you want, please the door is open, resign, “Go in the private sector, run your own company because then you will be free to decide to go for work or report late. You can do anything. The only challenge is that company will collapse,” he said. Mr. Chanda had urged employees to abide by their signed contractual obligations. He said employees had a tendency of reporting late for work and at the same time knocked off early, usually by 16:30 hours, a situation which he said had affected productivity to a great extent. “The business community is complaining about the attitude of ZRA officers, not just towards taxpayer but even towards something which is keeping your families going, “This is the last warning I am giving you, those who knock off early and those in a habit of coming in late , this must come to an end,” he said. Mr. Chanda later had a quick familiarisation tour of different ZRA offices at the Head Office.