ZCTU in NW welcomes Nonde’s appointment

THE Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in North Western Province has commended President Edgar Lungu for appointing Joyce Nonde-Simukoko as Labour and Social Security minister.

ZCTU provincial coordinator Kameya Manjomba said in an interview that Ms Nonde was well vested in labour matters because of being a union leader at various levels.

He said the fact that she had vast knowledge in labour matters would make her proactive in ensuring that some clauses in labour laws were amended.

“She has a chance now to ensure that all the pending issues in the labour movement are addressed at policy level so that the workers who are the main beneficiaries can be seen to benefit from that,” he said.

He also said the labour movement in Zambia was ready to work with her closely and urged her to leave the doors to her office open for interaction.

‘”The same way that we interacted as union leaders, we have to continue so that our concerns are addressed at that level directly,” he said.

He called on both the employers and the labour movement to give her support as she embarked on addressing labour matters in Zambia.