ECZ sets Nov 17th for local govt by-elections


THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has set 17th November, 2016 as the date to hold elections for district chairpersons in Senga Hill, Kalumbila and Mushindamo, and by elections for council chairperson in Mwandi and in fourteen wards across the country.

ECZ public relations manager Crispin Akufuna stated that the vacancy in Mwandi was as a result of the nullification of Gilnard Mafuti as council chairperson for the district.

Mr Akufuna said elections in the other three districts were due to the creation of Senga Hill, Kalumbila and Mushindamo as districts.

He explained that the fourteen vacancies in the wards were as a result of the deaths of some councilors, errors on ballot papers and uncontested elections.

Mr Akufuna advised aspiring candidates in both elections and by-elections to lodge in completed and attested statutory declaration and nomination papers which he said should be subscribed before an authority.

“Aspiring candidates in the elections and by elections should lodge completed and attested statutory declarations and nomination papers subscribed before a Magistrate, Local court magistrate, Head of a Government Primary or Secondary school, Principal of a college, Commissioner of Oath, Election Officer or Returning Officer” he explained.

Mr Akufuna said the declaration and nomination papers should be lodged in on the 20th of October, 2016 between 09:00 hours and 15: 00 hours.

He stated that aspiring candidates for the district chairperson position should take along 15 supporters registered in the respective constituencies and that the voters should be in possession of green national registration card (NRC) and voters card.

Mr Akufuna said that candidates for the local government by-elections should have nine supporters registered in the affected ward.

He advised that candidates to contest the city and municipal elections would be required to pay K750, while those contesting the district council polls would be expected to pay K400, all amounts he said were nonrefundable.

Mr Akufuna has called on the media, only 10 officials, and 5 members per political party and 2 members from each registered organisation who would wish to monitor or observe the elections to apply for accreditation in the respective districts, which he said would take place between 17th and 19th October this year.

He said that the nominations for the same elections would take place between the 13th and the 16th of November in the respective districts.

Mr Akufuna also stated that only three ECZ accredited party officials would be allowed to accompany aspiring candidates during filling in and that the supporters should remain at least 400 meters from the polling stations.

He said that the campaign period for these elections would commence on the 20th of October at 15:00 to 16th November, 2016, adding that only two members from each participating party would be allowed to observe the counting.