Kaunda Square residents furious over blocked sewer pipes


THE continued blockage of sewer drainages in Kaunda Square One township has raised concern among the residents in the area who have appealed to Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to intervene in the matter.

The residents charged that failure to clear drainages would result in an outbreak of disease especially that the rainy season was approaching.

The residents claimed that the drainages in the area had been blocked for a long time, a situation they described as ‘‘unfortunate’’.

Gerald Kangwa, a concerned resident of Kaunda Square One, said that the blocked sewer pipes were a major source of concern and worry for the people who feared for their health especially that of the children.

Mr. Kangwa said that the water utility company should look into the issue and ensure that blocked sewers were worked on in good time before the onset of the rains.

He said the blocked sewers made it difficult for people to spend time outside their houses because of the bad smell from the blocked sewers.

Mr. Kangwa said the bad smell badly affected their lives because they were forced to lock themselves inside their homes.

‘’There is urgent need for Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to ensure that they work on our blocked  drainages before the rainy season because if these sewers are left blocked they will flood up and unblocking them will be a lot harder,’’ he said.

Mr. Kangwa said that if the sewers were flooded diseases like cholera and diarrhoea could break  out and claim lives.

He said unblocking sewers should always be a priority for the water utility company because it concerned the well-being and lives of many people.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company could not be immediately reached for comment.