Let Lungu work-Chief Chikanta


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has been sworn in and has since formed his Cabinet and those that lost the last general elections should not be acrimonious but give the Head of State time to work and deliver to Zambians, Chief Chikanta of the Tonga-speaking people of Kalomo has said. Chief Chikanta has advised President Lungu to ignore opposition political parties that had lost the election and were now undermining him by refusing to recognise his re-election and legitimacy. Chief Chikanta advised President Lungu that those who had lost the general elections would always claim to have been robbed of victory and he should therefore resist answering back each time he was criticised or attacked. The traditional leader said the opposition political parties should stop being acrimonious but should instead focus on planning for the 2021 general elections. He said despite a number of irregularities in the electoral process in the August general elections, opposition political leaders should just accept and begin respecting President Lungu because he was the country’s Head of State for the next five years. Chief Chikanta said peace and unity were paramount for the country’s economic development and that it would not do any single political party any good to cause political instability in the name of getting power to govern. “For now, politicking should stop from both the governing party and the opposition so that we can move forward. We now have a President who has been sworn in and he has formed his Cabinet and we must respect him. ‘‘Those who lost the general elections will always say all sorts of things but my advice is that they should let President Lungu work.  He is the President of the country for the next five years and the opposition should begin planning for 2021 because they cannot continue to be acrimonious in their criticism and claims to have won the elections,” Chief Chikanta said. And Chief Chikanta said there was need for the country to reconcile so that it could move forward in its development agenda. Chief Chikanta appealed to Patriotic Front (PF) deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya to stop demonising the people of Southern Province because such actions could only help to create hatred among Zambians. The traditional leader explained that there shall always be losers and winners in every political contest but that the victors should never mock those who had failed to win. He said President Lungu had been elected by Zambians and was leader of all Zambians including those who did not vote for him and should never discriminate in the delivery of development. “The President should not get concerned with those maliciously criticising him. He is the President of all Zambians including those who did not vote for him. The areas that did not vote for him deserve equal developmental attention as those that voted for him,” Chief Chikanta said.