Lifwekelo challenges UPND to produce PVT



IF Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba are 100 percent sure that they won the August 11, 2016 general elections let them produce their own Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT), former UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has charged. Mr Lifwekelo said both HH and GBM should provide their own Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) to the Zambians indicating how they basically won the elections so that the matter can be put to rest. In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Lifwekelo said even if they were to produce their own PVT they would still play around with the figures and portray a picture that their votes were stolen. The despite having refused the outcome of the general elections, President Lungu allowed the opposition political party particularly the UPND to go to the courts of law in order to be able to provide evidence. And we know that according to the law they were given ample time to provide evidence It is not President Lungu’s fault that the UPND that the UPND failed to provide evidence within 14 days. Meanwhile, Mr Lifwekelo said the court processes were exhausted and the best that they can do was to respect the legitimately elected President. He said it would have been ideal for the UPND to have gone top their drawing board, mobilize the general membership of the party and start preparing for the 2021 general elections. “Whether you call President Edgar Lungu a Mr Lungu he still remains the President of the republic of Zambia, it does not subtract nor take away anything even if he is called Mr Lungu by those members of Parliament who want to continue being in denial on the basis that they don’t want to recognise President Lungu. President Lungu will continue being President for the next five years whether UPND like it or not. He is going to preside over the affairs of the nation. If I were UPND I would have just gone back to the drawing board and start mobilizing the people without being a criminal,” Mr Lifwekelo said. He said it was detrimental for the UPND to start inciting Zambians to rise against the legitimately elected government Mr Lifwekelo said it was unacceptable and that if the law visited them for not recognising the legitimately elected government they should not start complaining and crying foul that they were being targeted and intimidated by the government. “If HH and GBM want peace in this country they must start following the law, they must go by the law and if there were issues there was a procedure without being acrimonious,  malicious, violent and inciting Zambians to rise against the government,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

One thought on “Lifwekelo challenges UPND to produce PVT

  1. Hichilema and Bwalya are now becoming desperate in their attempt to sound like they are the honorable elected members of the Presidency. They are using the human rights act and claiming that they were robbed of the election and mistreated in showing compassion towards incarcerated prisoners….what a fallacy!!!. They are politicians and should fight the game in the courts if they are not happy. For them to go around the country and say they do not recognise the presidency is unfortunate. The Presidency is bigger than any one person, its an institution in its own right and for these to idiots to go around the country in the manner they are doing, is a clear indication of trying to incite people into rioting and lawlessness. I have no doubt that Hichilema thinks he’s above all zambians and his fellow and new found friend is a wife beater and vulgar inept individual that should never be allowed near the powers vested in the Presidency. All well meaning Zambian should rise up against them and send then to the political dustbin once and for all and not allow them to use this cesspit of they have been wronged. Even some of their most trusted lieutenants know this!!. Well meaning Zambians should realise that they are stuck and running out of ideas. They are both greedy business men who are looking to enrich them selves through hook or crook. These guys would hold the state to ransom if in power and capture the Legislature, Judiciary and Presidency. The Presidency is the highest office in the land and they need to understand that their actions are tantamount to serious breach in the law that recognises the president of a country. Reject their advances and send them back to the drawing board. Useless frets, they don’t even like each other just look at the way they behave around each other!!

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