ZNFU cartel on the loose


A Plot to oust Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) acting executive director Ella Chembe and replace her with a proxy executive intended to shield indicted Ndambo Ndambo who is facing corruption charges has been exposed. The plan is to remove Mrs Chembe who will be replaced by a cousin to Mr. Ndambo Ndambo at a meeting called for Octber 27 at which acting ZNFU president Richard Lisimba will be elected into office and  Ndambo cousin Conrad Hamusankwa will become executive Director. Insiders at ZNFU revealed that huge amounts of money had been released to fund delegates to the forthcoming Council to ensure that the Board which has been under pressure to resign to pave way for internal restricting will be retained together with a proxy team that will resist the changes. Last month donor countries decided to stop funding the ZNFU and demanded for a refund of more than K31million that two forensic audits have confirmed as having been embezzled. A large amount of money has been circulated to regional officers to influence delegates to the Council scheduled for Octber 27 to ensure that no major changes to the leadership of the organisation are made. Sources told the Daily Nation yesterday that once the cartel succeeded in making Mr. Lisimba President, Mr. Hamusankwa would be made executive Director to replace  Ndambo Ndambo. Other changes, the source revealed had already been made with all senior accounting position in various parts of the country being manned by officers from one region of the country. The sources said at present, ZNFU was stinking with tribalism as 90 percent of workers were from one region while employees from other regions were purged and many more were to lose their jobs in the planned restructuring. “There is serious corruption and regionalism in the organisation which the Government must deal with if the organisation is to survive and serve the small farmers who need the external support which they have now lost.” He said.  “The meeting called for 27th October is being engineered to retain the status quo and ensure that the changes that the  donors are demanding are not effected and that the loopholes which led to the loss of collosal sums of money are not investigated further internally because more people benefitted from the corruption that  took place.” The source said. The source said that one of Directors to be retained sold 300 animals to the ousted regime, in an irregular manner “These animals were divided among some of the people that are now being positioned to take over power.” He said. “They are scheming to have a ZNFU executive director who would be a puppet to them. These people have teamed up and are campaigning countrywide,” the sources said. The team is allegedly using some members of staff from the Copperbelt and Northern regions, to propagate the objective with specific instructions of coercing the councillors in the two regions to vote for a named official with promises of huge kick-backs once the objective was attained.