Church calls for equal distribution of resources  

THE church in North-Western Province has called for equal distribution of resources in Zambia. The call was made during a forum dubbed the ‘‘Challenges and the role of the church in natural resource management’’ held at St Kizito Parish in Solwezi organised by CARITAS Zambia and drew Catholic priests across the province. It followed the numerous complaints from members of the public in the region. The Catholic fathers complained that the province had lagged behind despite it contributing immensely to the national coffers. And Fr Clifford Mwaba of Ntambu mission stressed the need for both the Government and investors to evenly distribute the resources so that communities where the resources were extracted from benefited more. He also called on Government to introduce policies that would compel investors to plough back to the communities where their operations take place. “Right now investors carry out corporate social responsibility programmes at their own will; if they don’t want to you can’t force them. After all theirs is to make profits,” Fr Mwaba said. And Fr Emmanuel Haninga of Manyinga district called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders if the situation was to improve. He said equal distribution of resources could not be achieved by an individual or a certain grouping but by all stakeholders. “As long as we are not united and speak with one voice, our complaints will be in vain,” he said. And in his opening remarks, Solwezi diocese pastoral coordinator Fr Sydney Lubinda called for an end to blame games. He said all the stakeholders concerned should work in consultation with one another if the aspirations of the people were to be met. Meanwhile, North Western Province permanent secretary Ephraim Mateyo, who was represented by Solwezi district administrator Christopher Nyungila, said his office was open for dialogue among all stakeholders in the region.

One thought on “Church calls for equal distribution of resources  

  1. Yes indeed people and the investors need to dialogue about such matters .
    When you speak with one voice you will be heard investors need to appreciate what they are gaining from the province by ploughing back in the community .
    People will be happy to see such , indeed they need to be generous to the nation by doing good.

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