Shortage of health staff irks residents


CONCERNED Lusaka residents have bemoaned the alleged poor services at some clinics in different parts of the city which include shortage of health personnel, drugs and equipment.

They have also complained at what they say was the negative attitude by some health personnel towards patients and the closing of clinics before 18:00 hours, among many others.

The residents have complained that some clinics do not have enough manpower to attend to all the patients, saying the situation risks the health of many people especially those who do not have the money to go to private clinics.

Sarah Chibuye, a resident of Chipata compound, complained that the clinic in her area does not have enough manpower, a situation which she described as ‘‘deadly’’.

She said that there was urgent need for the Ministry of Health to deploy more health workers at the clinic to avoid incidents where patients were forced to go back home untreated because the doctor was tired and could not attend to them.

‘’Chipata clinic, just like many other clinics in Lusaka, has challenges with health staff to tend to the people going there and as residents we are concerned and we are appealing to Government to ensure that they find a permanent solution, which is employing more people,’’ she said.

And Charles Nkandu, another concerned resident, said that some institutions closed before 18:00 hours which made it difficult for people to access health care any time after that.

He said it was difficult for people to start moving to other clinics because the ones near their homes were closed.

The residents have called on the Ministry of Health to intervene in the matter and ensure that everyone had access to quality health care regardless of their status in society.