Erection of shelters at bus station applauded

RESIDENTS of Lusaka have commended Grand Media Company, with permission from the Lusaka City Council (LCC) for erecting about 250 shelters at bus stations along major roads across the city. According to the residents, the collective view was that the shelters would really help in shielding commuters waiting for transport from the burning sun. A resident of Kalingalinga Davison Nyirenda commended the gesture because people in his compound usually found it hard to wait for mini buses at the designated bus stations during the rainy season. Mr Nyirenda explained that the move would also easy the habit of people crowding themselves in the shop corridors as they wait for transport under heavy rains. He noted that a lot of people had been inconvenienced by getting soaked by the rains as they awaited for transport on their way for work. Mr Nyirenda urged other companies and organisations to take keen interest in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities by coming up with such projects which he said benefitted the general public. “I would like to thank and commend the company that has come up with this initiative to develop shelters at bus stations. This will really help because people used to suffer, especially during the rainy season. People going for work would get soaked and some would be seen crowding shop corridors. I’m urging other companies and organisations to take a keen interest in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities by coming up with such projects which benefits the general public,” he said. Another resident Timothy Kabala said that the initiative would help shield people from the burning sun. Mr Kabala pointed out that erecting and putting up adverts on the shelters was an intelligent move, which he said benefited everyone. He advised people to take good care of the shelters, adding that the future generations should also be able to enjoy and pass on to the next generation. And a teacher Ruth Chombela of Libala noted that the shelters would especially school going pupils, whom she said were the ones who were mostly affected by the burning sun and heavy rains. She explained that pupils normally crowd the bus stations when they knocked off and that they spent a lot of time at the stations waiting for transport