Gradual removal of subsidies cheers PMRC


Government has been commended for taking up bold steps to gradually remove subsidies on electricity for the sake of national development, says Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) head of research and analysis Salim Kaunda. Mr Kaunda also said that plans by Government to separate Ministry of National Development from Ministry of Finance was a welcome idea. “Our sentiments on the Ministry of National Development and Planning is very commendable, it will be a ministry which will ensure policy coherence and coordination among all the ministries,” he said.  Mr Kaunda said the Ministry of National Planning would be tasked to explain policies such as the recent decisions to remove subsidies for electricity. “The Government for some time should be ready to take up critical measures for the sake of national development. I say so because when you go to the public with issues of electricity, they will pay saying that they will pay more and as Government you need to take a decision,” he said. That was important because in the short to medium term it was going to show the benefits to the public.