Kafue Steel to commission new plant in December 


KAFUE steel plant is set to commission a new plant in December which will increase output to 120,000 from the current 50, 000 tonnes of the commodity annually. The project would enable the company to increase its steel production from the current 4,000 tonnes per month.Company technical director Julius Kaoma in an interview said the plant to be known as Iron Ore Mining Beneficiation would be on a trial basis by early next year Dr Kaoma explained that the plant was expected to kick start operations in April by targeting the mining industry. “On our side we are going ahead, by December we will be commissioning an iron ore mining beneficiation plant. We will be on a trial basis by early next year and by April we will kick in the operation for the mining and production of the DRI,” he said. Dr. Kaoma further explained that the new project would produce 120, 000 tonnes of steel per year to meet the rising demand for the commodity. “Currently, we are producing 50, 000 tonnes a year or in the range of 4000 to 5000 tonnes per month,” he said. Meanwhile, Dr. Kaoma said local companies had bought more than 100 tonnes of steel from the institution following President Lungu’s directive to buy local products.“The President has said any Government project, they have to buy steel from us and that one is on. Kafue George are buying from us, very soon the airports will be buying from us, and these are now buying directly from us.“So far more than 100 tonnes of steel has been bought from each local company.  These companies are ordering according to their requirements on a daily or weekly basis.  It is not like in the past when they would buy a lot at once,” he said. Dr. Kaoma said the pronouncement had been positive so far and that Government projects had started buying from the steel company. “The quantity is not much but we are getting there, and they are happy with the quality of our steel,” he said.