MYSTERY surrounds the death of a Chikankanta Patriotic Front security team member Costen Muyoba whose remains were discovered in a decomposed state after he disappeared under unexplained circumstances. PF Chikankata Parliamentary candidate Kavwumbu Hakachima disclosed that Muyoba, popularly known as commander, was part of her security team during the just ended elections campaigns leading to the August 11 general elections. “I am heartbroken. I moved with him (Muyoba) in the car for more than two months during the campaigns, and he protected me from opposition attacks every time we came across violent UPND cadres. And this is the guy that gets murdered alone without anyone to protect him?” she said. Ms Hakachima narrated to the Daily Nation that the remains of Muyoba were discovered in a decomposed state with only the skeleton remaining, but was identified by two of his biological brothers. His body also had his party identity card and two mobile phones which were found on the scene. “He left Chikankata because his wife had run away to her parents’ place, and his landlord had evicted him in the wake of the post election violence that had erupted in the area. “He is believed to have been murdered over a month ago looking at the state of the body. There was no postmortem or body viewing, it was just bones,” she said. Ms Hakachima who attended the burial in Pemba on October 14, 2016, said the death of her bodyguard occurred in unexplained circumstances and comes as a shock after his body was discovered in such a state. She said Muyoba had left Chikankata for Kalomo the very day spontaneous attacks began in some of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) strongholds which included Chikankata in Southern Province. And Southern Province Police Commissioner Godwin Phiri has confirmed the discovery of the remains of Muyoba, 46 years of Munsaka village of Chief Siachitema area in Kalomo on October 11, 2016. Commissioner Phiri explained that doctors failed to make any conclusions in the postmortem carried out on the remains of Muyoba because of the state of decomposition. “As police, we have not established that the deceased disappeared soon after breakout of violence because information we have is that the deceased after leaving Chikankata was conducting his trade in Siachitema area. “The matter is still under investigation,” he said.

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  1. may his soul rest in peace. his killers shall know no peace.feeling sorry that no results for postmortem and that the issue is still ‘under nvestgatons.’
    the word under implies that:
    a. extending or directly below.
    b. at a lower level or grade
    c. expressng control by another person
    d. in accordance with rules
    e. used to express groupings or classification
    f. undergoing a process
    whereas underway means, having started and making progress.
    Little Oxford Dictionary.

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