Councillors urged to work as team


Kabwata Ward 6 councillor Longa Chiboboka has called on all councillors to work together in improving the state of Lusaka City.

Mr. Chiboboka said that Lusaka City can only develop from the grassroots and that is why it is important for all the councillors to work together for the benefit of the city.

He said that all the councillors have been charged with the responsibility of representing people in their various wards and that is where development starts from.

Mr. Chiboboka said ‘’the councilors need to work with people from their towards in addressing all the challenges that the city is faced with like difficulties in some areas to access clean and safe drinking water, improper infrastructure , poor state of some roads, dilapidated market structures and uncollected garbage’s among many other things’’.

He said Lusaka will develop greatly if the process was to start in the different wards because they are the grassroots.

‘’As councillors we play a very important role in ensuring that there is development in the city because we have a chance to spend time with the people in our various wards and we can be able to talk to them and know all the challenges that they are facing so that we can come up with solutions of how best to address all their challenges because we can only boast of a developed Lusaka City if the wards where our people are developed,’’ he said.

Mr. Chiboboka said that councillors should share ideas on how best they can foster development in the various wards.

He said councillors should also ensure that they are available and easily accessible to the people in their wards.

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