Govt to beef up staff at Lusaka health centres


THE Ministry of Health is working hard to address all the challenges affecting the health sector like shortage of personnel at some health centres.

Responding to complaints from some Lusaka residents that some clinics do not have enough manpower to attend to patients, Lusaka provincial medical officer Kennedy Malama said the ministry is dedicated to ensuring that all people have access to quality health.

Dr. Malama said the ministry will deploy health workers to different health centres to improve the quality of services and reduce the long queues in the clinics.

He said Government was aware of the situation and was doing everything in their power to ensure that all health centres have enough manpower to attend to patients.

Dr. Malama added that some clinics in the province have been upgraded to first level hospitals which include Kanyama, Chilenje, Matero and Chipata clinic among many others.

He said the upgrading of hospitals was to ensure that people were able to access quality health care at health facilities near their homes.

Dr. Malama says the upgraded hospitals will also help reduce congestion at the University Teaching Hospital.

‘‘As a ministry we are working hard towards ensuring that we deploy enough personnel at the various health centres in the province that will be able to attend to patients in good time and help reduce over-crowding at the centres and reduce the workload on out service providers so that they are able to work efficiently,’’ he said.

Dr. Malama said that the ministry is also working on ensuring that health personnel are able to upgrade their academic qualifications so that they there is efficiency in the provision of health to the people.

‘‘The ministry is striving to ensure that every health centre has enough medical personnel attending to the people,’’ he added. Millenum radio