Let’s attend national prayers – Canisius


NATIONAL day of prayers is a cross-faith and non-partisan event which should be attended by all political and non-political leaders as it is a national moment of togetherness and soul-searching, former UPND vice-president for politics Dr Canisius Banda has said.

And Dr Banda has appealed to President Lungu to act on the side of national unity and peace as the nation prays on Tuesday by pardoning all political prisoners and set them free.

In a statement issued to the Daily Nation ahead of tomorrow’s national prayers, Dr Banda urged President Lungu to act on the side of national unity and peace.

“I appeal to him, as an act of faith and reconciliation, to indemnify and pardon all political prisoners and set them free.

“President Lungu must firmly believe in the tenet that it is when you secure others that you secure yourself; that it is when you give that you are given,” Dr Banda said.

He said all the citizens must support the event tomorrow.

“All citizens must learn the value of prayer. All citizens must match their faith with deeds; for we shall know all by what they do,” he said.

Dr Banda said a nation’s religion was a reflection of the faith and spiritual conscience of its people.

“That Zambia is a Christian nation is a good mirror of this truth. It follows then that, as a matter of policy, the Zambian government must promote Christian values,” Dr Banda said.

He said it was extremely important for all human beings to pray.

“Our praying as Zambians must lead to poverty reduction, better access to clean and safe water for all, improved household nutrition, better access to education, more employment opportunities, better access to credit, quality healthcare and improved quality of life and life expectancy,” President Lungu said.

Dr Banda also said that civil servants that pray should perform better.

Dr Banda said President Lungu must have a sound national development plan that all workers under his charge must understand and execute with patriotism, loyalty, discipline and diligence.


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  1. Dr Caniscius Banda, your appeal for the release of the political prisoners is good but we dont know your motive of de appeal. How about the post elections violence displaced families, was any remorse shown? No Dr Banda. So dont influence H.E’s decisions. Besides dont overlook the courts as well. DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER YOURSELFAS WELL AS YOUR COLLEAGUES IN YOUR FORMER POLITICAL PARTY? Do they?

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